Temperament: Friendly, cheerful, intelligent and obedient.
Weight: 17-28 kg
Height: Female: 52-62 cm – Male: 57-66 cm
Lifespan: 13-15 years on average


The Barbet is a medium-sized French water dog that has evolved over time, but nearly disappeared in the early 20th century. First referenced in the late 14th century, this breed was later acknowledged in the early 18th century by Voltaire when he is quoted as saying, “The Barbet is man’s best friend…” Now, the breed numbers roughly 4000 worldwide. Demonstrating his ability to serve men and accompany them on a daily basis, this dog has earned the respect and admiration of all. It’s your turn to take advantage of his abilities to live by your side.


The Barbet, a little-known breed, is to be discovered for its versatility, its softness, its joie de vivre, and its exceptional temperament. The French water dog has all the characteristics sought after in a Goldendoodle (Goldendoodle is not a breed, but a mixture), but with verified health tests, certifications, and supporting recordings proving the purity of the Barbet breed and lineage. The soft, fluffy texture of its coat makes it standout and brings a smile to all. It’s enthusiasm during outdoor games make him a most agreeable dog to play with. The rarity and quality of the Barbet make it the ideal companion for your family.



• As sweet as the standard poodle, more original than the bichon and the Labrador, it will suit both the young and the old.
• With its woolly and curly hypoallergenic fur, say goodbye to large, unwanted hair on your floors.
• Its friendly and affectionate temperament makes him an endearing partner.
• Calm inside, he is rather a player outside.
• He has an aptitude for hunting.
• He loves water.


Each dog has its own personality. Some are timid and reserved, others playful and nervous. Each puppy reacts differently to certain situations in its new environment. It is IMPORTANT to consider all aspects that characterize and define your family so as to take into consideration what you are looking for in a pet. The breeder is there to help you choose your future companion for a long and beautiful relationship for years to come.

It is good to know that a puppy who welcomes you calmly and who is happy when you caress him is a healthy puppy that has been raised by a qualified breeder, aware of his vital needs, comfort, and safety.


You are ready for a great adventure, have free time to dedicate and are willing to take on all the responsibilities necessary for the well-being of your future friend?

Before embarking on this journey, welcoming and caring for your new puppy, be aware that his place of birth will influence his health, longevity and development in general.



Each puppy is raised in a healthy, calm and safe family environment.

Come visit us and discover the authenticity and transparency of our living environment for the breeding of our puppies, which is both unique and welcoming.

All our Barbets dogs have their health certificate and CKC registration.

Be patient, we prioritize the quality and wellbeing of our puppies available.

For us, what counts is that each adopted puppy finds himself with the family that suits him perfectly.

Puppies will be available approximately by the end of 2018 and early 2019.




> Is listening to your needs and those of his dogs.

Is available to stimulate the puppies and sensitize them (noises) to what surrounds us.

> Applies impeccable hygiene measures to protect her puppies.

> Offers toys to awaken young dogs.

> Performs the health and behavioral tests necessary to prove the animal’s health.

> Evaluates each future owner and each puppy to match them with the right family.

> Offers recordings and certificates of authenticity for each of his purebred dogs.


Currently, due to the large volume of emails and messages, we are not responding to inquiries for future litters or accepting puppy requests at this time. I truly appreciate your interest in our Barbet Frankia puppies and invite you to read our website, as it contains much information concerning this wonderful breed.

I will be posting future puppy availability updates here when that information becomes available.